Creating custom pieces provides a break from the modern relationship to clothing, a return to the older methods of a couturier. It allows an understanding to develop between the client and the artist so that the creative process can be at once both limitless and completely personalized.

The process

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION: First, we meet to talk design, fabric, and schedule.
  • MANNEQUIN CREATION: Depending on the design and your availability for fittings, I may opt to make a mannequin in the exact shape of your body to ensure the piece fits your body perfectly.
  • FABRIC SELECTION: We can shop for fabric together, usually in NYC, or I can source the fabric.
  • MOCK-UP CREATION: I will make a mock-up in a test fabric to finalize the pattern and give you a chance to feel and see the design on your body.
  • FITTINGS & ADJUSTMENTS: Then, I will cut and sew the final piece in your chosen fabric, with fittings as needed (usually 3 or 4).
  • FINAL PIECE: The piece is complete. The time window before your event is up to you – if we do finish the piece earlier than two weeks before your event, we may need to schedule a quick additional fitting in that two-week window in case of weight fluctuations.

A note on time

Creating a custom piece is a collaborative experience that takes time. Typical pieces can take three to six months to fully develop and entail 4-5 in-person meetings. Please inquire about a custom piece early enough to allow sufficient time for us to complete the whole process with ease.